Brands and countries

Bostik's range of product assembly adhesives comprises some of our most versatile, niche and complex technological offerings. Due to the broad scope of industries these solutions cover, it is an area in which we are continually applying our most sophisticated levels of research and development.

From the assembly of solar panels to the attachment of intricate circuit board components, our assembly adhesive technologies are present in a remarkable variety of working environments. 

Whether you need adhesive solutions for woodworking, electronics and circuitry, office furniture, chemical mining, outdoor solar panel installations or large-scale MRO (Maintenance, Renovations and Overhaul), we’ve got you covered at Bostik. The potential applications of our assembly products even extend into the world of footwear.


Bostik offers a complete line of adhesive products in the office furniture and wood furniture assembly market.

For office furniture, applications for our adhesive products range from panel bonding and edge wrap to seating applications. 

These office furniture adhesive products provide optimal adhesion in an easy-to-use form, allowing operators a great deal of flexibility on the furniture assembly production line. 

Bostik’s office furniture adhesive products for the assembly market have the ability to adhere to a variety of substrates and it has the widest product range on the market. 

These substrates include metal, fibreglass, cellulose skirtings as well as a multitude of fabrics, textiles, urethane foams and vinyl for a clean adhesion application. 

Bostik’s office furniture adhesive products can also have our unmatched fire-retardant capability added directly into their chemistry for added consumer safety. 


With over 30 years of experience, Bostik is a major player in the appliance industry. Our products are used globally in the manufacturing of home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, home laundry and dishwashers. Home appliance manufacturers can rely on our broad portfolio, a premium product range, a full technical support and a worldwide footprint.

With a deep understanding of appliance market consumer trends for aesthetics, energy efficiency and connectivity, we’ve developed appliance assembly adhesives that allow for design flexibility, insulation and thermal efficiency and electronics protection.

Rest assured that our hot melt, foam-in-place and polyurethane adhesives will allow your appliances to appeal to consumers while also addressing to your own manufacturing initiatives, enabling:

  • Productivity gains: Our adhesives are formulated for automated production lines
  • Product savings: You can apply less material and yield zero waste
  • Sustainability enhancements: Our adhesives enable lower application temperatures and clean, empty drums for easy recycling