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Cementitious flexible waterproofing membrane
Product overview
Dampfix® 1K is a one-component, flexible, fibre-reinforced waterproofing membrane, with special additives designed to protect surfaces subject to flexural strain. It is best for basements and below ground areas

Geographic availability
  • Australia

Smart Advantages

Suitable for both negative and positive hydrostatic pressure to 5 bars (50m)
BRANZ certified
Made in Australia
  • One-component, flexible, fibre-reinforced
  • Great for basement or below ground areas; withstands negative hydrostatic pressure up to 5 bars (50m)
  • Class 1, low extensibility when tested to Australian standard AS 4654 .1 & AS/NZS4858
  • AS4020:2018 - potable water certificate
  • BRANZ certified
  • Fast drying @ 22°C / 50% RH (min 2 coats)
  • Can be brush, roller, trowel, or spray equipment applied
  • Designed for commercial and residential applications
  • Made in Australia

This waterproofing membrane system is specifically formulated for application on graded substrates that provide positive falls to drainage outlets. Overlaying tiling systems must comply with Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles (AS 3958.1). Always check the TDS before application. 

  • Under tile to internal wet area shower, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and toilet areas

  • Under tile or other wearing surface systems to external balconies, rooftops and podium levels

  • Exposed waterproofing membrane to external applications subjected to light pedestrian traffic only

  • Waterproofing planter boxes, retaining walls

  • Swimming pools under tile


Can I use a roller to apply?​

Dampfix 1K can be applied by brush, roller, trowel, or spray equipment. The mixing ratio can be adjusted in order to obtain the consistency and workability desired for the intended application.​​

Do we have a bond breaker tape for junctions, joints, and corners compatible with Dampfix 1K?​

Dampfix Instant Seal is a self-adhesive waterproofing tape compatible with our Dampfix range. This 100mm wide tape can be used as a bond breaker in joint, junctions and corners.​

Do I need to prime when using Dampfix 1K​

Dampfix 1K can be applied to dampen porous substrates (no free water); priming is not required if the substrate is in sound condition. We recommend the use of a primer to avoid pinholes and other issues.