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Bostik's new essential range of sealants, adhesives and fillers is now exclusively on shelves across Bunnings stores within Australia. Bostik Fill It, Nail It, and Seal It will cover many jobs around the home or worksite. 

Bostik Fill It Expanda Foam® is a one-component, multi-purpose polyurethane foam that will not shrink and cures to an airtight, moisture-resistant seal. The straw adapter can aid in easy application, especially to fill gaps of all dimensions in the most challenging locations.

Bostik Nail It Instant Grab & Fast Cure has been specially developed as a universal high initial tack adhesive for bonding many building materials that have an increased risk of staining due to their porous structure, such as natural stone.

Bostik Seal It is a one-component oxime silicone sealant cured by reacting with moisture and has good adhesion and gunability. Specially, it is developed to prevent two hundred types of mould in humid areas such as a bathroom and kitchen area.

Find Bostik Fill It, Nail It, and Seal It at your local Bunnings store now.