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The Bostik Fireban passive fire protection range is designed to seal the gaps from room to room, floor to floor to slow the spread of fire to give people time to evacuate, the fire services time to respond and the owners a better chance at saving their investment. Bostik's Fireban range complies with the latest relevant standards and works effectively to slow the spread of fire.

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Bostik Fireban® portfolio is tested by world-class independent accredited testing facilities, providing architects, specifiers, engineers and builders with confidence on compliance. Bostik Fireban® has been rigorously tested to the latest building code and Australian standards AS1530-4. In addition, Bostik Fireban® has also passed European and APAC region test requirements. Detailed test reports for expansion joints and penetrations in masonry, concrete and plasterboard can be provided upon request.

The Bostik Fireban® range has a trusted and proud history in the Australian construction landscape. The product durability and confidence is recognized in the Bostik Lifetime Replacement Warranty across a wide range of tested configurations and settings. Email us for details on the various designs of joints and fire classifications

As part of Bostiks green commitments, we are proud the Bostik Fireban® range complies with the GBCA Green Star indoor environment quality credits for VOC.

The Bostik Fireban® sealants boast VOC readings as low as 2g/litre.


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Fire rated acrylic based sealant
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Fire-resisting self-expanding polyurethane foam
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High performance hybrid fire-rated sealant
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Trusted all-rounder, suitable for internal and external applications

Yes, all Fireban products are rated to AS 1530.4. However, a 4 hour FRL (Fire Resistance Level) rating is dependant on the sealant width, depth and direction. Consult Bostik for specific joint dimension advisement related to your specification. 

Yes, all Fireban products are paintable. However, it is advisable to wait until full cure before painting over the seal and recommended that a paint adhesion test is performed in an inconspicuous area prior to full coverage.

Fireban Hybrid can be applied to wet surfaces and will cure in wet conditions. This product is also recommended for humid conditions with high levels of atmospheric moisture as it will not experience bubbling during cure. 

Fireban Acrylic is not recommended for external applications that will be exposed to excess moisture. Fireban Acrylic can be used externally if protected by a coating (such as weatherproof paint) or undercover where it will not be exposed to inclement weather. 

Fireban sealants have been tested in multiple configurations to achieve a balance between cost effective and high resistance solutions. FRL ratings on control joints and penetrations can be enhanced by sealing joints from both sides, filling the depth of the joint with Fireban Expanda Foam or backing the joint with an approved fire rated backing rod. 

Yes, Fireban Expanda Foam can be used as a single product solution for control joints. However it is recommended to be used in conjunction with a Fireban sealant to enhance the FRL of the joint and the joint movement capability.

Bostik Fireban products have been tested with a range of 3rd party products. For more information, consult the Bostik Fireban test literature, Bostik Fireban Manual or call 1800 BOSTIK to get in contact with the Technical Services Team. We are continuously testing and evaluating the performance of our fire rated products with 3rd party panels and wallboards. 

Bostik Australia is a proud Gold Member of FPA Australia.

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) is the national peak body for fire safety, providing information, services and education to the fire protection industry and the community.

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