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Smart adhesives for soft insulation 

Bostik’s soft insulation adhesives, based on hot melt (HM), HM powder, epoxy-polyester (EPO/PES), pressure sensitive (HMPSA) and silyl-modified polymer (SMP) technologies, are designed to make this easy.

When using a HM or a HM powder for wool and carrier bonding, you can:

  • Improve bonding capabilities with adhesion to a variety of carrier types on existing wool categories  
  • Increase productivity with high initial tack and short set-up time   
  • Increase safety with reduced coating weight needs, fire resistant bonding​ and low calorific value 

When using an EPO/PES for wool binder, you can:

  • Decrease HSE impact by replacing phenolic resins or containing formaldehyde

When using a HMPSA for wool roll closing, you can:

  • Improve bonding performance with excellent UV and heat resistance as well as strong adhesion to PE films and high green strength 

When using a SMP for wool ceiling bonding, you can:

  • Improve worker safety and sustainability with solvent and isocyanates-free solutions  
  • Increase productivity with precise sprayability, strong and immediate grab as well as adhesion across multiple substrates 

Featured product: Thermoresol 460/1

Featured product: 70-07A

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