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With a worldwide reputation to uphold, we are continually developing innovative, new and sustainable marine adhesives, while refining existing ranges to provide excellence and meet yacht and commercial shipbuilding industry demands. 

Our marine adhesive products are used for glass bonding (windscreens and port holes) as well as numerous construction and decorative applications such as teak and artificial deck bonding, below-deck interior bonding, and deck-to-spider-hull bonding.

Bostik is also a market leader in adhesives for bonding the wide range of fabrics and materials used in the construction of inflatable boats for military, rescue and leisure uses.

Many of our marine adhesives are recognised around the world as industry-leading products for yacht, super yacht and commercial shipbuilding and maintenance projects. Innovative products such as our Bostik Matrix FC Adhesive/Sealant exhibits exceptional adhesion capabilities and is suitable for a wide range of adhesion applications for internal and external uses and is defining the marine adhesives range. 


At Bostik, we understand that quality is critical in high-performance environments such as the yacht and shipbuilding industry. That is why we obtain independent, objective certification for our products in accordance with international standards. 

Our product quality is ensured by regular control of the quality systems implemented in our development and production facilities.


Bostik’s complete line of sealant products for the leisure and commercial marine industry offers high performance and exceptional bonding for even the roughest waters. 

From window bonding, below water line sealing to above water line sealing and lubricants, Bostik’s range of applications for the marine industry demonstrates our products’ versatility, making them the smart and durable choice. 

Bostik’s line of marine products includes a primerless windscreen and glass bonding sealant for the leisure marine market. This product has no isocyanates and is solvent-free. Additionally, it has high tensile shear strength and high green strength. ABS-approved, it can be sanded and painted. 

Other sealants are suitable for sealing on many different substrates including glass, polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminium and composite materials, and are easy to remove without damaging boats’ gel coat paint systems.