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From sealing and flooring to the windscreen and cockpit, you can find our smart adhesives transforming almost every aspect of modern rail stock and railcar assembly.

Our chemists create adhesives to stay ahead of changes in rail regulation and vehicle design. In fact, many of our products already meet the full range of hazard levels.

Our range of smart adhesives stand for safe, strong and reliable train assembly for today and decades to come. That's why rolling stock manufacturers choose Bostik adhesives to meet environmental tests, achieve superior performance, and guarantee a safer, more comfortable environment for passengers. 

Bostik adhesives are at the forefront of rail stock and railcar assembly. Industry-leading technologies like our silyl-modified polymer (SMP) adhesives provide a wealth of smart properties, from fire retardancy to exceptional green strength. 


At Bostik, we specialise in developing high-performance, flame-retardant adhesives and sealants for the train industry. 

Our door sealant technologies are compatible with a variety of substrates typically used for train cars, and can be effectively applied for all seam-sealing and gap-filling applications, whether they lie on the interior or exterior of your vehicle. 

Like the majority of our smart chemical solutions developed specifically for railway applications, our traincar door sealant range is mostly comprised of silyl-modified polymers. 

This cutting-edge technology doubles up as an effective tool for sealing, and offers a blend of adhesive and sealant properties to the end-user, whether you are looking to protect your exterior doors against the duress of the outdoor elements and high air pressure, or secure your vehicle interior from unwanted odours, vibrations, or noise pollution.

SMPs provide you with better results than traditional manufacturing processes, and do so through cheaper and more efficient means. While damage to mechanical fastenings and bolted on panels is often irreparable, our sealant solutions are easy to maintain and replace – you can simply scrape them off and start over. 

All of our railcar door sealants are free of solvents and isocyanates, providing a more pleasant working experience for your engineers. They are also available in fast-curing and slow-skin formulations, to suit the size, scale, or complexity of the components you are working with. 

We're are committed to keeping your rolling stock moving for decades to come, which is why our SMP sealants boast great resistance to UV, general ageing and corrosion, extreme air pressure and weather conditions, while providing effective water sealing and caulking to prevent water damage during cleaning. 

Our sealant solutions for rail are specially designed to provide a seal that is both durable and dynamic, in order to endure the continuous movement and stress that rolling stock is constantly put under. Bostik traincar door sealants possess excellent stability in terms of their mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, and will make your vehicle incredibly secure while remaining lightweight.


Choosing a Bostik sealant for your railcar floor will drastically reduce labour time for installations. Our range of cutting-edge railcar floor sealants can be used on a variety of train car substrates, for both interior and exterior seam-sealing and gap-filling applications.

From the sealing of your railcar floor components after assembly, to securing the overlapping or welded seams between your floor panels, coverings and ship lap joints, we have specially engineered our SMP floor sealants to fill even the narrowest of gaps, seams and holes. This guarantees uniform adhesion across your vehicle’s floor space, ensuring a stable and sturdy surface for your passengers. 

Unlike automotive filler, there is very little chance of our sealant cracking. It stays elastic enough to flex and accommodate the movements of the train carriage maintaining a tight seal.

Our industrial floor sealants are also incredibly versatile. From sprayable low-viscosity solutions that double as a vibration-resistant coating, to gunnable SMPs that come in dual-component and slow-skin formulations, Bostik products are designed to provide the highest possible performance for your unique application demands.


For the purposes of general sealing, insulation and moisture prevention, you can choose from Bostik’s adhesives, specialised sealants, or even our smart polymer products to get the job done. 

Our solutions are specially developed for seam-sealing and gap-filling application within railway vehicles, preventing moisture leakage and general wear and tear, while simultaneously providing your railcar with greater stability and a highly aesthetic finish.

Our low-viscosity products also make it easy to apply and tool, allowing you to seal interior or exterior railcar fittings efficiently with no mess. Its high usability means it can be applied to your traincar floor, rain gutters, various bathroom components, bedroom installations, galleys and kitchen applications. 

Bostik sealant is also useful for back filling your windscreen installations once your window has been bonded to the cockpit. Whatever the scenario, be it initial installation processes or sealing after assembly, Bostik sealants will work wonders for your rolling stock maintenance. 

Our silyl-modified polymer technology has also been formulated into sealants, providing a cheaper, more efficient and longer lasting alternative to bolted-on panels.   

We have also designed a high quality fire-retardant adhesive that, as well as being used for various interior and exterior bonding applications, doubles as a very effective tool for floor insulation.