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Australia 108 is a residential skyscraper currently under construction in the Southbank precinct of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. When completed, it will become the tallest building in Australia by roof height, and the second-tallest building in Australia by full height. Comprising 1,105 apartments over 100 floors as well as luxurious lounges and leisure facilities. Construction of the skyscraper commenced in 2015, with completion expected in 2020 at an estimated cost of AUD $900million. The Australia 108 development signifies a new era of design & inner city living within the Southern Hemisphere and offers visitors and residents an experience unlike any other.


Levelling off 100 concrete floors spanning a total of 2,828 square metres (30,440 sq ft) and installing 50 + floors engineered timber flooring in a time & cost efficient manner


Bostik UL-200 was chosen to level off the floors, thanks to its very fast application and cure time, and ability to accept traffic in 2-3 hours. Ultraset HP was used when it came time to install the timber flooring, with it is easy to spread, non-hazardous formula delivering a fast and effective result.


Faster dry time — Considerable time saving over other Levelling compounds. Allowed 3 x floors to be levelled each week and faster project progression

No mixing needed — open and go, allowed flooring to be installed quickly & efficiently on upper 50 + floors of development

Local production of specified product allowed for prompt delivery to site and no installation delays


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