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At Bostik, innovation comes in many forms.

Ultraset® 3 in 1 is Bostik Australia's premium timber floor adhesive incorporating Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology, a proprietary feature consisting of recycled, ground-up car tyres mixed throughout the adhesive.

When applied, the Thickness Control™ Spacers act like tiny rubber pillars, suspending the timber and maintaining optimal adhesive thickness to ensure superior performance as a moisture and impact sound reduction membrane.

For West Side Place, Ultraset® 3 in 1 presented significant time and cost savings vs conventional multi-layer acoustic systems by eliminating the need to install a separate moisture barrier, acoustic underlay and additional layers of adhesive. Efficiencies that flowed directly onto the construction team, supporting trades and ultimately the developer, delivering a high performance solution within budget, ahead of schedule all the while guaranteeing a compliant and comfortable environment.

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