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Bostik’s Seal N’ Flex family of expansion joint sealants have been a preferred choice amongst Australian tradespeople for more than two decades. 

Bostik’s Seal N’ Flex® family of expansion joint sealants have been a preferred choice amongst Australian tradespeople for more than two decades. Demonstrating best in class reliability, ease of use, workability and long term durability has cemented the Seal N Flex® name as one of quality in Australian construction. 

Enter the newest addition to the Seal N’ Flex® product line: Bostik Seal N’ Flex® Advance enhances and adds to the already revered benefits of Bostik’s popular joint sealants. 

Whilst Seal N’ Flex® 1 and Seal N’ Flex® FC are based upon traditional polyurethane sealant technology; Seal N’ Flex® Advance capitalizes on the development of a new hybrid sealant technology commonly referred to as SPUR (Silyl-Terminated Polyurethane). This modern chemistry improves the weathering characteristics of the traditional PU sealant whilst removing the isocyanates and solvents.

Alongside the significant health and occupational safety benefits, Seal N’ Flex Advance® boasts several advantages that will make application easier and faster. Firstly, Advance will extrude smoothly and easily from any hand operated or electric caulking gun but has been designed with a firm body, meaning the sealant will not slump from typical expansion joints and is simple to tool and model for a clean finish. 

Seal N’ Flex® Advance also exhibits greater flow stability in temperature extremes. Whilst polyurethanes experience hardening in excessive cold or softening in the heat, Advance will maintain a more stable gunnable body. It will also adhere to damp surfaces and the finished seal is resistant to early onset rain. Finally, the absence of solvent curing agents results in a more consistent curing process throughout the seal, regardless of climate conditions. This means absolutely zero bubbling of the cured seal, which would usually require replacement resulting in additional cost and wasted time. Seal N’ Flex® Advance is truly suitable for application in any climate and in most weather conditions, reducing delays in construction and replacement of incorrectly cured sealant. 

Advance exhibits higher mechanical and abrasion resistance than common polyurethanes also. Because of this, Seal N’ Flex Advance is suitable for a wider variety of applications including those exposed to light traffic such as pedestrian walkways and stairways.
Seal N’ Flex Advance is a step forward in construction sealants and a level above the competition. The enhanced feature set of this powerful sealant makes it the number one choice for expansion joint sealing and will improve the work speed and safety of applicators, on whatever job. Seal N’ Flex Advance is available from construction and hardware suppliers from March, 2019. Ask your local supplier about Seal N’ Flex Advance today.