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Save time and money with our latest hardwood flooring solution

Stop wasting time on traditional flooring installation method…

Bostik’s new Ultraset® 2 in 1 allow installers to apply a moisture barrier and flooring adhesive in one go. It is easier to spread and clean off prefinished flooring, even after full cure. Traditional hardwood flooring adhesive contains linear polymer chain that bonds only at the ends. Bostik’s breakthrough AXIOS® Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology has three reactive branches; these branches interlink to form a layer of protection that inhibits water molecules from passing through the adhesive and forms a stronger bond than traditional adhesives.

With Bostik’s new Ultraset® 2 in 1, projects will be completed faster with less risk, higher durability and lower overall project cost.

  • Unlimited moisture protection
  • Built in vapour barrier
  • No fuss application
  • Zero VOC
  • Time and cost savings

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