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Bostik applies the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Arkema, one of the 4 pillars of the Group’s growth strategy. Arkema has formalized its commitments to facilitate the understanding of its approach by all stakeholders and to ensure that its culture of sustainable development is anchored and adopted by the entire organization. The Group’s CSR policy is developed in compliance with the main international texts and standards in force.

The group’s CSR policy places innovation at the heart of an ambitious social project:

In a world facing considerable ongoing economic, environmental and social challenges, Arkema strives to bring its customers sustainable and innovative solutions contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. To that end, Arkema operates as a responsible manufacturer and resolutely observes a policy of continuous progress and operational excellence. The Group cultivates interaction and close relations with its stakeholders through open and constructive dialogue. Supporting the United Nations Global Compact and complying with the Responsible Care® initiative, Arkema’s social responsibility target is to create value both for stakeholders and the company.

A range of sustainable solutions driven by innovation

Sustainable development solutions are central to Arkema’s innovation policy and the upgrade of its product range. Through continuous skills development, decisions on research focuses, its organization structure and innovation processes, Arkema is working, with its partners, to develop solutions that meet current and future social challenges. It is in this spirit that Arkema contributes to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Group is committed to ongoing dialogue and operational excellence, designed primarily to satisfy its customers and partners and to develop their loyalty.

The responsible management of industrial activities

Arkema’s goal is to rank among the leading chemical and material producers in safety performance. Its workplace health and safety policy is based on risk prevention, management guidelines and a culture of safety.

The Group also takes care that neither people's health or safety nor the environment are impacted by its products. The Group considers these aspects in the product design phase.

Arkema is committed to the climate and a reduction in the environmental footprint of its business activities. The Group is working to reduce the consumption of resources such as energy and water, decrease the emissions stemming from its activity, develop the use of renewable resources, and foster the circular economy.

The Group places great importance on conducting its business in respect of principles and rules on ethics, integrity and compliance. Arkema thereby complies with prevailing laws and regulations and the best business practices. In its choice of industrial and business partners, Arkema favors those that respect its social commitments.

Open dialogue and close relations with stakeholders

Open dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders is a cornerstone of Arkema’s social policy.

The Group adheres to Human Rights and fundamental freedoms and places them at the heart of its business activities.

It favors the individual and collective development of its employees. Arkema’s global human resource policy places a key focus on the development of skills and the promotion of diversity.

Arkema strives for open dialogue with its customers, suppliers and partners with a view to building a responsible value chain that creates shared value. The Common Ground® initiative addressing the neighboring communities of our sites serves to develop lasting relationships based on trust and openness.

To learn more about the Group’s CSR policy, visit the dedicated page