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Sealing & Bonding (S&B)

Whether you're interested in Hybrids, Silicones, Acrylics, PU sealants, or foams, we have the right product for you. Our technical experts will guide you through the unique applications of each technology, teach you how to use them to their full potential, and share their global expertise.

Our training caters to a variety of market segments, including Paints and Coatings, Sanitary, Construction and Façade, and Renovation of Sealants. Are you ready to transform your skills? Don’t wait any longer and sign up at the Bostik Academy today!

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Wall & Floor (W&F)

Want to boost your knowledge of the BOSTIK construction solutions? Look no further! Our Bostik Academies offer hands-on training in everything from floor preparation and leveling to tiling and waterproofing; Or maybe you're more interested in moisture control, crack repair, leveling, tiling, wet rooms, and more… We offer it all. 

Get expert guidance from our technical guys on selecting the right adhesives, grouts, and sealants for your project, whether you’re working with wood flooring or tiles. 

You can also learn about our waterproofing solutions for basements, swimming pools, and water tanks. Don't settle for less-than-perfect results – sign up for training with us and boost your craft by becoming a Bostik Expert!

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Our Bostik Academies can be found worldwide, and provide specialized training on everything from roofs to basement floors. Our technical experts will teach you practical tips and tricks to apply our range of products in a clean, efficient, and sustainable manner. Learn more about our construction solutions and ways to ease the application steps, by tapping into the expertise of our exceptional technical team!


What does a training day look like?

Are you ready for a training day that's anything but typical? With us, you'll start with a warm welcome and essential safety tips before diving into hands-on technical training. From theory to practice, you'll learn everything you need to know about our latest technologies. Our training is hands-on and you get to try and apply every step for yourself. 

Need something tailored to your unique goals? We've got you covered – we'll customize your day to meet your exact needs and requests. Our experts can even help on location. Let's build together!

Are you ready to optimise your skills? Don't wait any longer - join us at the Bostik Academy today!

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