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All-in-one rapid drying water-based membrane
Product overview
Dampfix® Platinum is an all-in-one, one-component rapid drying water based polyurethane, Class 3 waterproofing membrane system that meets the requirements of AS3740 by complying with AS/NZ 4858.
Geographic availability
  • Australia

Smart Advantages

All-in-one product, eliminates the need to buy 5 products for one job
Fast drying. Recoat in 1-2 hours @ 22οC & 50% RH. Flood test after 24 hours @ 22°C / 50% RH.
Made in Australia
  • All-in-one waterproofing membrane
  • Multi-area, internal/external use
  • UV stable
  • BRANZ certified
  • Class 3, high elasticity
  • Fast drying - recoat in 1-2 hours @ 22°C & 50% RH. Flood test after 24 hours @ 22°C / 50% RH
  • Can be tiled after 4-6 hours @ 22°C / 50% RH in non-critical areas
  • Compatible for tiling with Bostik tile adhesive systems
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, rendered masonry, wet area plasterboard, FC sheet & plywood
  • Can be applied to damp substrates (provided no free surface water)
  • As a waterproofing membrane under tile to internal wet area shower, bathroom, kitchen, laundry & toilet areas when installed to AS/NZ 3740
  • As a waterproofing membrane under tile or other wearing surface systems to external balconies, rooftops & podium levels when installed to AS/NZ 4654.2
  • As an exposed waterproofing membrane to external applications subjected to light pedestrian traffic only
  • Suitable for concrete; cement rendered masonry; FC sheeting; water resistant plasterboard; and structural plywood (Type A Stamped “PAA JAS-ANZ” to AS/NZS 2269-2004) substrates
  • As a waterproofing membrane for planter boxes, retaining walls
  • As a waterproofing membrane for swimming pools, covered by tiles

Is there an alternative product in the market?​

This is a brand new product in the waterproofing market that caters for most waterproofing application areas, from internal wet areas to planter boxes to roofs and more. ​It eliminates the need to buy 5 products for one job. There is no direct equivalent product in Australia

Can it withstand positive and negative hydrostatic pressure? ​

Dampfix Platinum is not designed to withstand a negative head of pressure. Depending on the application, we recommend using Ultra Moisture Seal as a primer first, or using our alternative waterproofing product, Dampfix 1K.​