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Product overview

Bostik TG4 Hot Melt Glue Gun is an electrically operated applicator designed to dispense hot melt glue to bond most materials quickly and efficiently. It has given secure, long lasting and cost effective bonding in many industrial applications in packaging, product assembly, furniture and other allied industries. 

Where to Use

  • Industrial applications
  • Tile displays
  • Lighting
  • Shop fitting
  • Ducting
  • Motor trimming
  • Footwear
  • Florists
  • Contract packaging
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Libraries
  • Sound proofing
  • Fibreglass industry
  • Boat building
  • Model making
  • Air filters
Geographic availability
  • Australia

Smart Advantages

Ergonomic design – comfortable, reliable, one hand operation
Advanced heating element technology – reduces heat up time and saves energy when not in use for long periods (power goes into ‘rest mode’)
High production output – over 1.5kg of hot melt glue an hour continuously