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Bostik RTV 922

High performance industrial silicone sealant
Product overview

Bostik RTV 922 is one component, 100% silicone rubber, high performance industrial silicone sealant.

Recommended uses

  • Industrial and mining maintenance
  • Automotive maintenance
  • Makes formed-in-place gaskets for gear boxes, compressors and pumps
  • Sealing of trailers and truck cabs
  • Sealing of gaskets in heating and refrigeration units
  • Sealing of windows in oven doors (subject to temperature range of oven)
  • Seals access doors on gas appliances
  • Bonding and sealing appliance parts
  • Makes formed-in-place gaskets for heavy industrial pipes and flanges
  • Sealing of joints in sheet metal stacks and duct work
  • Protecting components from moisture from frequent wash downs or weathering


Geographic availability
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Smart Advantages

One component, 100% silicone rubber
The thixotropic nature of this product ensures that it will not slump, sag or run off surfaces
Good resistance to weathering and moisture