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Hip Hip Hooray, it's Blu Tack's 50th Birthday!
After being developed in the UK in 1969, Bostik Blu Tack arrived on Aussie shores not long after and quickly became a household favourite, with millions packs sold worldwide. 
In 1979 we began manufacturing Blu Tack in our Thomastown factory, and in 2003, Blu Tack Colour was introduced, designed as not only a colour alternative to the original, but also a modeling material for young children. 
Discover more about Blu Tack here.

Celebrate Blu Tack's birthday by telling us your #TalesOfTack

Everyone has a story or Blu Tack hack to share, so we want to hear about them!
Maybe it's the time you plastered your bedroom walls with posters of your favourite boy band, or it's the fact that you use Blu Tack as a substitute for ear plugs. Whatever it is, share it on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #TalesOfTack between now and 30 June 2020 for your chance to WIN $250 worth of Bostik stationery and repair product*. 
*T&Cs apply, see here for details