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Prep, Seal, Stick, Finish.
Prep substrates with appropriate primer, Seal your substrate with an appropriate waterproofing membrane.  Once the substrate is prepared, select the correct adhesive to Stick your tiles to the surface.  Finish with one of the grouts from Bostik’s wide selection of colours and textures for all appropriate applications.

Priming helps improve the consistency of the substrate, making it more accepting of waterproofing membrane therefore enhancing the bond between substrate and membrane and improves the bond between substrate and membrane.  A well-primed surface can also improve the coverage of waterproofing membranes.

Check the cleaned surface by apply a small amount of water.  It will be easily absorbed if porous and bead on the surface if not.

  • Treat porous surfaces with Bostik Multiprime. 
  • Most non-porous surfaces may be primed with Bostik PrimeGrip Non-Porous Primer.

Bostik has developed a system for tiling directly over our Dampfix PU solvent based polyurethane membrane. This system involves applying Specialist Primer over the membrane, and then using Asaflex as the tile adhesive. Consult the Technical Data Sheets for these products, or Bostik Smart Help for more information.

As a guide, it is recommended to use a 6mm notch for tiles up to 150x150mm, a 10mm notch for up to 250x250mm and a 12mm notch for 300x300mm tiles.  Tiles 400x400mm and larger should be back-buttered in addition to using a 12mm notched trowel

Natural stone contains capillaries and pores within its structure. The size and quantity of these will influence the way water is absorbed. As water is absorbed by the stone it can cause the stone to warp and bend.  Moisture stable stone has a structure which does not result in any deformation of the stone, and is said to be moisture stable.

Bostik adhesives have been tested with a selection of recognized competitor products but it is best to use the entire Bostik Substrate to Surface system to ensure a warrantable finish. Contact Bostik Smart Help if you are unsure if the products that you are using will be compatible.

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