Core Needs in DisposaBlE Hygiene

Core Needs in Disposable Hygiene

Core is a hot topic in the disposable hygiene industry. Whether for baby care or adult incontinence, the goals for core designs are the same. Make it thinner. Make it more absorbent. Keep it from cracking, because leaks are bad for business. 

Consumer demands for the core continue to grow, and disposable hygiene manufacturers want to stay competitive. To do this, product producers must understand the key functions and core needs in disposable hygiene. 

A top-performing core should:

Attract and absorb fluid away from skin 

  • Quickly disperse fluid throughout the product
  • Prevent the feeling of a wet sensation after fluid is released
  • Promote skin wellness by avoiding rewet 
  • Hold up to the stresses of daily life without cracking and leaking
  • Ensure comfort by not shifting or bunching during use 
  • Offer protection against noticeable odors
  • And in many cases, provide self-conscious users with discretion 

Quality materials are key for core performance. The topsheet is important for fluid acquisition. The Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) enables rapid fluid absorption. The right blends of fluff and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) play critical roles of distributing, soaking up and trapping fluid. 

The adhesive is the support in all of these functions. It is crucial to choose the right one because every adhesive isn’t created equal. And every adhesive doesn’t work in every core. The right adhesive means optimal performance and core integrity. 

As your company looks to improve the core system in your products, it is important to choose the right partner for core adhesives. 

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