Core Needs in DisposaBlE Hygiene

Core Needs in Disposable Hygiene

From Baby Care diapers to the products created for Adult Incontinence, core is the hot topic in the disposable hygiene industry today. Make it thinner. Make it more absorbent. Keep it from cracking, because leaks are bad for business. 

As the list of consumer demands continues to grow, it’s easy to see why manufacturers are researching and experimenting with new core designs to stay competitive. Understanding the key functions of the core system is the first step in meeting user needs and exceeding expectations.

A top-performing core should:

  • Attract and absorb fluid away from skin
  • Quickly disperse fluid throughout the product
  • Prevent the feeling of a wet sensation after fluid is released
  • Promote skin wellness by avoiding rewet
  • Hold up to the stresses of daily life without cracking and leaking
  • Ensure comfort by not shifting or bunching during use
  • Offer protection against noticeable odors
  • And in many cases, provide self-conscious users with discretion they desire

The materials used in creating the core are essential for achieving this level of performance. A quality topsheet, which makes direct contact with the skin, is important for fluid acquisition. The Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) enables rapid fluid absorption. And the right blend of fluff and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) is critical for distributing, soaking up, and trapping fluid after insult. 

Supporting the function of each of these core system components, and many others, is the adhesive. But every adhesive isn’t created equal. And every adhesive doesn’t work in every core. Choosing the right adhesive is important for optimal performance and core integrity. In fact, some core adhesives can even help your products do more with less, as trends continue to shift to creating products with a thinner core.

One of the newer designs that uses fewer traditional core components is the channel core. This unique core has longitudinal zones that are free of any absorbent materials to create the channels.

As your company looks to enhance and advance the core system in the products you produce, it is important to know your options for core adhesives and select a partner who can help you achieve your performance goals.

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