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The Bostik Paneltack system comprises pre-treatment agents and special elastic adhesives combined with a foam tape for temporary fixation of the panels. Bostik offers dedicated and tested solutions for different types of panels and extensive technical support for your projects.


Curtain walls

"Curtain walls" are relatively new. In this building method the outside (façade) is like a "shell" around the building and has no supporting function. In the USA, after 1930, the first aluminum curtain walls arose.


The joints in the façade could be both closed and open. Only in the 1960s the term "open rain screen" (or "ventilated rain screen") emerged after scientific research, after which this system became really common in the 1980s.

Advantages ventilated façade

  • Energy savings
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Reduced thermal transfer
  • Reduced condensation
  • Diverts water infiltration
  • Structural protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Design flexibility

Advantages bonded ventilated façade

1. Aesthetic: An invisible (blind) fixing method

No visually disturbance by screw heads in the panel surface. No dirt accumulation around the screws resulting in dirt stripes running downwards with the rain water.

2. Favorable tension distribution

On the panels, forces like loads and tensions are distributed over the entire length of the elastic adhesive bead and favorably transferred to the support construction. Preventing “bulging” of panels or damage.

3. Application of thinner panels

Because the panels are bonded over a large surface, thinner panels (and a lighter support construction) can be used. This in contrast to mechanical fixing where the fastening takes place through screw holes in the panel. As a result, the panel is locally weakened. In order to compensate, thicker panels often have to be used.

4. Other constructional advantages

Another advantage is that the elastic bond has the ability to absorb vibrations as a result of, for example, wind load, heavy traffic or seismic movements. Also, through the use of an adhesive connection in this application, no thermal or cold bridging occurs.

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