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Bostiks mission and vision

It is Bostik’s vision that our smart adhesives make our world safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive to the dynamic challenges of our environment. In line with our strategy we develop therefore innovative adhesive solutions that make whatever is assembled, build, or constructed smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape our daily lives.

Bostik Flex-IQ®

The combination of flexibility and efficiency and smarter and adaptiveness, as well as by positioning customers and end-users centric in our business model and understanding our customers’ needs and demands, it was a logical process of launching the Bostik Flex-IQ® portfolio. Bostik Flex-IQ® is a compact portfolio of high-end and high-quality sealants of which the prepolymers are manufactured inhouse to be able of reaching your product demands and expectations. Bostik Flex-IQ® is a combination of flexible and intelligent products for smart end-users. The Bostik Flex-IQ® sealants are highly flexible and efficient during their application phase and aesthetic during their long-lasting life once applied. Bostik Flex-IQ® sealants are equipped with high-end certifications. The Bostik Flex-IQ® high performance sealants are meant for all professional caulking contractors, craftsman's, building contractors and architects, looking for a high-end sustainable solution. But also the builders merchants and hardware stores. In fact Bostik Flex-IQ® is for those who expect complete unburdening from their supplier, in terms of technology, performance, certification, durability, sustainability, application aesthetic and safety. The Bostik Flex-IQ® portfolio exists out of high quality sealants that basically do not need preparation work, can be processed quite simple, quick and easy and are perfectly toolable to a smart finish to achieve the highest levels of professionalism, aesthetics and performance. In addition, Bostik Flex-IQ® will offer full CE certification, ASTM C920 and many environmental, health and safety certifications. Bostik Flex-IQ® will be the sealant portfolio for the future, given to you today!

Time saving solutions combined with very high quality, flexibility, reliability and durability for all sealant jobs.

Smart solutions ready for tomorrow

We offer dedicated, high quality products ensuring the right results first time such as, perfect adhesion, flexibility, high movement capability and toolability. Bostik products deliver durable results with superb quality, appearance and can be applied quicker, meaning your business grows while avoiding pricing issues with customers. Primerless applications and pure products, guarantee a faster process, saving time and reduce your costs by achieving the best results first time, every time.

Flex-IQ® Products

Bostik P590 Seal'n'Flex One Plus

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Bostik P795 Seal'n'Flex Premium

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Bostik H725 Seal'n'Flex Facade

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Bostik H760 Seal'n'Flex Pro Seal

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Bostik H985 Seal'n'Flex Weather Shield

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Bostik Flex-IQ® Leaflet