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Project overview

Sealing of exposed joints is a key consideration for any build, in particular the weathersealing of facades where external joints are subject to the most extreme conditions. It's also important to account for high levels of stress due to temperature changes, moisture, movement of adjacent building materials, wind deflection, vibration and sound transmission.


In response to the various façade requirements at the new Hilton Hotel, Melbourne, Bostik Australia specified Seal N' Flex® 1 for its market-leading movement capacity and weatherability, in addition to its ability to accommodate a wide range of joint sizes and substrates. In the internal areas Bostik specified Fireban® Acrylic (previously Firecaulk), for sealing internal fire-rated movement joints, connection joints and penetrations.


Fire rated acrylic based sealant

  • Internal application only
  • Fire resistance - Up to 4 hours tested in accordance with AS 1530.4
  • Water resistant after cure

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Class-A polyurethane sealant

  • Made in Australia
  • +/- 50% dynamic joint movement
  • Approved for potable water

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