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Gary's Global Adventure

Hey there, Bostik colleagues!

I have been on an incredible adventure over the past few months, visiting Bostik locations all over the world, meeting inspiring colleagues, experience the essence of our brand and discovering innovations that make an impact in the world we are attached to.

Now, I am eager to see what you have been up to! Share the Bostik Adventures of your amazing team or your Bostik location. I’ve created a unique Social Wall , where we can all connect. Let us keep the Bostik spirit alive, no matter where in the world we are! The social wall is for internal audience only.

Sharing is fun and easy: Scan the QR and follow the simple steps (add an image, write your post, enter your name and location and share the post on the social wall for the entire organization to see.

I have already shared a few post of my adventure, looking forward to seeing you there!

Gary the gecko