Brands and countries

In chemistry, new, unique combinations arise when different substances are combined. This also applies to merging companies. The reaction of this combination is a renewed energy which exposes new opportunities. Together, we create chemistry.

‘Let’s combine chemistry’ is what the companies are going to do literally, together we create chemical products. It results in enhanced cooperation and gives us a common goal. ‘Chemistry’ also has a second meaning. People who have chemistry are on the same page, they bond and connect. Where there is chemistry, great things happen.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding our cooperation, you can contact one of our account managers or sales managers:

  • Rob van de Sande 

Business Director C&C Benelux

  • Dirk Vermeulen

Sales Manager C&C Benelux | Sealing & Bonding -hardware, building materials & DIY

  • Hans van Houwelingen

Sales Manager C&C Benelux | Sealing & Bonding - Paint, Glass & Decoration

  • Ronald Verheijen 

Sales Manager C&C Benelux | - Wall & Floor -, Tile and stucco systems, Waterproofing & Gardening systems

What happens to Den Braven's product ranges, such as Zwaluw and Hercuseal?

Our brands Zwaluw and Hercuseal will continue to exist. The assortment is even more complete with the addition of Bostik!

Through the merge, the most complete range of adhesives and sealants is created. Both in width (number of different products) and in depth (number of product variants). With this we can offer you the most complete service. From now on you will find all products that you want to stock every day, under one roof.

Does this change affect anything in the ordering process?

The ordering process will remain the same.

Who can I contact in case I have any questions?

If you have questions about what this means for you and our cooperation, you can contact one of our Account Managers or Sales Managers.

What does this mean for my price agreements?

The price agreements and contracts that you have concluded with Den Braven Benelux B.V. pass by operation of law to Bostik Benelux B.V.

Does anything change in terms of the delivery times?

The delivery times remain the same.

What remains the same?

  • Our technical support, delivery time and reliability remain of the same high level
  • We remain a strategic partner for both brands and private labeling
  • We remain accessible in the same way as before
  • You can continue ordering in the same way as before
  • Our digital support service remains the same

Who can we contact in case of any technical questions?

The technical support will remain accessible for you, just like before.

What are the advantages of this change?

  • ‘Best in class’ partnership thanks to combining our expertises.
  • All strong brands and products under the same roof.
  • Extensive and wide product portfolio.
  • Full support in category management

What can we do for you?

Our renewed organization has a strong foundation based on four pillars. With these pillars, we both made a name for ourselves in the market. During the merging process, we reviewed and optimized these pillars once again.

1. Our customer is what is most important to us
2. Service down to the last detail
3. Innovation which keeps pushing us forward
4. Quality. Always

Why has the company name been changed?

Since Den Braven was acquired by Bostik, we are working more and more towards a common goal, to become the absolute authority in the field of adhesives and sealants. This step is a logical consequence of working more towards one common goal and becoming one company.

Will Den Braven continue to exist or will it be integrated into Bostik?

From 1 February 2019, Den Braven Benelux B.V. changed to Bostik Benelux B.V. Apart from this, nothing changes, the brands Hercuseal and Zwaluw remain.

What is changing for you?

Nothing changes for you. Since the acquisition of Den Braven by Bostik in December 2016, we have been working together more and more on different components. That is why we now have one commercial organization for the Benelux. The name change is therefore a logical and positive next step.

For you, the name change of Den Braven Benelux B.V. into Bostik Benelux B.V. is the most striking change. Bostik’s corporate branding will be fully implemented in future communications.

Separately, Bostik and Den Braven were already very strong. Bostik is a global player in smart adhesives. Den Braven offers world-class technologies in the field of sealants. By joining forces, a particularly powerful global player is created in adhesives and sealants, with unique solutions for the professional and successful propositions and concepts for our trading partners.