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Adhesives specialist supports international contemporary artist Wilfrid Almendra to create inspiring ‘Light Boiled Like Liquid Soap’ exhibit


Bostik is venturing into the world of contemporary art as the Palais de Tokyo art museum reopens its space devoted to educational activities, the Little Palais. Using Bostik materials, French-Portuguese artist Wilfrid Almendra has created a unique exhibit entitled ‘Light Boiled Like Liquid Soap’ which conjures up ideas of a deconstructed home crafted from a range of donated, retrieved and repurposed materials.



Artist Wilfrid Almendra, who has a background in industry, has been exhibiting his work for more than ten years throughout the whole of France, as well as in Canada, Texas, Chicago, Milan, Berlin and Rotterdam. For Almendra, ideas and materials are intertwined. He bases his visual language on architecture, and above all, on the shapes and surfaces that surround us. Almendra mainly uses crude materials, which are often repurposed or sourced from the alternative economy.


Inaugurated on June 12, 2017, Almendra’s work is an art installation forming part of the Œuvres in situ / Anémochories permanent program. Launched by the Palais de Tokyo in 2012, the program uses the building itself as a canvas, providing a place for inspiration. Light Boiled Like Liquid Soap presents three artificial “skins” that will be on display for at least a year. The interactions between the various elements, the environment and the visitors will, over time, have a natural influence on the works.


Bostik and Den Braven, two companies of the Arkema Group, have joined forces to support the exhibition by donating latest-generation products which were selected for their impermeability and durability, including:


Bostik MSP 106 Invisible Adhesive Sealant: Characterized by its lasting elasticity, this solvent-free adhesive offers a powerful initial grip (60kg/

Den Braven Transparent Silicone-NO: This sealant boasts strong adherence, a high level of elasticity and excellent resistance to weathering and UV rays.



Already home to the Tok-Tok workshops (for young children and families), the 120 square meter Little Palais will now also host Almendra’s Light Boiled Like Liquid Soap exhibition. Featuring sculptural elements made from retrieved, donated and repurposed materials, the installation brings to mind a deconstructed home – the inside of a house where you can see the roof structure and the foundations.


It is a bona fide living sculpture, almost liquid in form where skin-like sheets hang from the pipes, evoking life. “I wanted to suggest human skin, which is elastic and soft, but also strong and resistant to time, light, dust and physical contact,” said Almendra. Impressed by their mechanical strength, Almendra had free rein to test the products and use them as he desired. “I really pushed them to the limit,” he said.


Bostik Branding & Communications Director Alexandra Delatte added, “We are very proud to support Wilfrid as both he and Bostik attempt to apply innovation and imagination to everything we do.” She continued, “We were pleased to be able to play a small part in the work and the finished display captures perfectly the link between ambition and materials.”



Radio Activity: Curator: Sandra Adam-Couralet

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