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Bostik, a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial, construction and consumer markets, was the proud recipient of the Best Poster Award during this year’s Innovative Poster Session at PSTC’s Tape Summit in Baltimore, MD. 

Each year, select companies are given the opportunity to discuss their new developments to the technical community at Tape Summit. Presentations are judged on poster display, problem perspective, interest evoked and scientific investigation. This year, Bostik EMEA’s PSA Manager, Christophe Robert,  presented on moisture-cured pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology and earned the award.

“With a deep understanding of today’s tape market, our technical team knew the importance of removing solvent carriers in PSAs,” said Christophe. “By formulating a 100% solids, moisture-cured technology that can cross-link and give a 3D network, we are able to produce a silylated modified polymer-based PSA that offers high temperature performance and solvent resistance.”

Christophe Robert
EMEA PSA Manager

Bostik’s ability to fine-tune the chemistry, molecular weight and level of silane functionalities to yield a solution with a range of elongation and resistance levels also set our innovation apart at Tape Summit. Featuring a high coating speed, the technology enables cost savings and efficiency enhancements when compared to traditional solvent-based PSAs.

For more information on this innovative technology and how it can help your converting lines, contact Bostik’s Market Manager, Tyler Derus, at