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The Portuguese affiliate has donated 30 computers to children in need, in order to help them staying connected to school.



The Portuguese affiliate has donated 30 computers to children in need, in order to help them staying connected to school.

Recent information from NOVA School of Science and Technology Lisbon shows that more than 50,000 primary and secondary school children do not have equipment information technology to enable them to keep abreast of the new forms of education. After a series of news broadcasted on television and on social media, several schools called companies to help their students continuing to study during the exceptional health and economic crisis caused by the CODIV-19.


‘We are not indifferent to this situation and, therefore, decided to initiate a solidarity action that will have an initial value of 6,000 € for purchase 30 laptops, to distribute to schools where there are disadvantaged children with financial difficulties.’ explains Paulo Magalhaes, Managing Director of Bostik Portugal. The company identified some schools where the need to provide assistance to students was critical and has already contacted some them for distribution to reach young students from disadvantaged districts.


A first delivery of 15 computers have already been provided in Sá Miranda School in Braga, received directly by 15 students and also the school director Margarida Antonieta da Rocha e Silva who said: “We would like to express our eternal gratitude to Bostik for the support given to our students in this delicate moment, this means a lot for us.”


Philanthropic actions in education and integration are core pillars supported by Bostik and its parent company, Arkema. Through its Common Ground® program, the Group leads many actions with external stakeholders building relationships between the different sites of the Group and their environment. The Portuguese philanthropic action, called “ Connecting student with smart smile”, already generated enthusiasm within Bostik’s partners and want to entrench it in the long term,’ says Paulo Magalhaes, ‘A fundraising campaign has been open to allow the public to support this initiative’ who reach more 4,000 €.

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