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To mark Earth Day on April 22, Our Group Arkema is deploying the climate fresk more widely among its employees to raise awareness of the issue.

Accelerated deployment of fresk

While climate fresk have been organized for collaborators for nearly a year now, and with just over 1,000 employees already trained, Our Group has decided to accelerate and deploy this tool more quickly and more widely across the company and its 21,100 employees.

The Climate fresk is a participatory workshop that provides an understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change, while suggesting ways to take action later on. All of our employees are expected to participate in the coming months.

Raising awareness about the climate

The objective is to raise awareness of climate change among our employees. But do we, individually, have all the cards in our hands and a mastery of all that this implies?

With a global innovation policy that is significantly focused on sustainable solutions (more than 90% of our patents are related to sustainable development) and an ambitious corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy (climate plan with an objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46% in 2030 compared to 2019), it was natural to accelerate the process of giving our employees all the keys to the most powerful and effective collective mobilization possible.
The climate fresk is a great tool to understand the causes and consequences of climate change but also to take action. Most people think they know a lot about the subject because they hear so much about it. But participants are always surprised to see how complex and diverse the phenomena are. The workshop also discusses solutions for dealing with the situation, which allows participants to leave with the desire to act, in a way that is adapted to their own situation. All of this is done in an atmosphere that is always open and caring, making it a truly special moment of meeting and sharing for all the Group's employees.

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