Brands and countries

Step into a world where the invisible becomes visible – June 2024 marks the premiere of our new Brand Movie. Ever wondered about the silent forces that shape your daily life. Bostik invites you to discover the unseen, presenting a narrative where innovation is at the forefront, showcasing the global impact of our solutions on everyday life. Join us in a story where Bostik is not just a name; it's a symphony Attached To Your World.

Making the invisible visible

At Bostik, we specialize in making life easier for industrial manufacturers, construction companies, and DIY end-users. But our impact goes beyond convenience; it extends to shaping a more sustainable world. As the adhesive segment of the Arkema Group, a leader in specialty materials with an unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions, Bostik significantly impacts everyday life. Often unnoticed, our smart solutions are a vital yet invisible part of many products.

The Brand Movie introduces a distinctive blue signature line that marks the presence of Bostik's smart solutions. More than just a brand, it symbolizes our mission to make the invisible visible, leaving an impact that transcends generations and reveals how Bostik touches lives.

Beyond the blue signature, the heart of the film beats with the stories of our dedicated employees. Their roles extend beyond the products they create; they are truly Attached To Your World.

Experience Bostik's new Brand Movie – more than just a film, it's a journey revealing how our solutions shape your world. Welcome to a world where Bostik is Attached To Your World.

About Bostik, an Arkema company

Bostik, the adhesive solutions division of Arkema, is a global player in specialty adhesives for the construction, consumer, and industrial markets which develops innovative and multifunctional sealing and bonding solutions that have been shaping our daily lives for over 130 years. With annual sales of 2.7 billion euros in 2023, a presence in more than 45 countries, and 7,000 employees, Bostik is committed to meeting the major ecological, energy and technological challenges through its innovations. It is focused on continuous improvement and operational excellence to meet the expectations of its customers and partners.