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Bostik is celebrating 40 years of continuous innovation of its biobased Thermelt® product range, a hot melt polyamide range that has been continuously enriched to be relevant for customers as they face sustainability challenges posed by modern manufacturing processes.

Made predominantly from renewable raw materials, Thermelt® also offers easy processability at low pressure and low temperatures and facilitates disassembly at the end of an over moulded product’s lifecycle – resulting in less waste and increased opportunities for subsequent component recycling.

Thermelt® is a non-reactive, solvent-free and bio-based adhesive, consisting of rapeseed and castor bean derivatives. It is designed for many manufacturing applications, from assembly processes in the shoe industry to Low Pressure Moulding (LPM) applications used in the electronic and automotive component manufacturing sectors. It is increasingly being used in new and emerging technologies, for example, in agriculture, electric vehicles and batteries. 

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For 40 years, Bostik has been investing heavily in developing this product to meet the changing needs of both assembly and LPM manufacturing. Since the 1980s for instance, the continuing miniaturisation and sophistication of electronics has led to sensors which are a pervasive part of life today, from electric vehicles to solar panels, to smart devices. Bostik has continuously reformulated Thermelt® to provide the additional strength and protection these increasingly sensitive components need.

Crucially, the hot melt is made from up to 90% bio-based raw materials and enables products to be easily disassembled, just by heating, at the end of their life. This supports manufacturers striving to achieve circularity and lessen the environmental impact of products whilst maintaining their performance. Bostik is developing bespoke bonding solutions for individual customers, tailored to their required strength, viscosity, curing and other properties.

This tailor-made approach is made possible through Bostik’s parent company, Arkema, which has the rare capability of being able to control its entire vertical supply chain, from the raw material source – for instance a castor bean farm India, to its manufacturing plant in Privas, France.

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Bostik is a leader in the field of specialty hot melts and holds the largest market offering to date. Our Thermelt® manufacturing site in Privas, France, has been expanded to address market growth and product demand. With the benefit of vertical integration with our parent company, Arkema, customers can rest assured that bio-based products such as Thermelt® will continue to innovate and provide new possibilities to provide solutions for modern sustainability challenges