Brands and countries

From a pair of glasses, to car batteries; inside and outside our homes; in our clothes and up in the sky, our adhesives are everywhere.  We may be mostly invisible, but we can have a huge impact. And we are ready to do more, to make Bostik, the adhesive solutions segment of Arkema, a more sustainable company in a more sustainable world.

To help us along on our journey, we have asked those who are leading the way to share their insights and advice about how to transition to more sustainable business models.

That's why we want to present our two new podcasts focused on sustainability: Transition(s), featuring external experts and Bostik Talks, with the participation of Bostik’s CSR experts. These podcasts are part of a broader sustainability awareness campaign created to inspire and catalyze sustainable solutions both within Bostik, and with all our stakeholders.

In the words of one of our interviewees, Fabrice Bonnifet, QSE & Sustainability Director of the Bouygues Group, and co-author of a book about Contributive Companies, "There are many activities that are compatible with a sustainable world. Our role is to lead our organizations towards a model where these activities are the only ones that remain."

We hope you enjoy those podcasts, and that they inspire you to join the movement towards a more sustainable world.

Listen here