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RecyClass considers two Bostik products to be compatible for PE flexible recycling, after independent testing

Sustainability has become the primary focus of the packaging industry, at each level of the value chain.

As a result of this engagement and the continuous work done to contribute to packaging circular economy, Bostik has obtained the approval by Recyclass that two Bostik adhesives are compatible with the polyethylene (PE) film recycling stream.

With one of the largest range of available technologies in house, more than 130 years of experience, and a global presence, Bostik, the Adhesive solutions segment of Arkema, is well positioned and deeply engaged in helping its customers and all members of the value chain to solve this challenge.

This approval is aligned with Arkema’s efforts to propose sustainable solutions to its customers.  The Group has joined the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and has been rewarded in November 2020 for its performance in sustainability and for integrating its corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach within its development strategy.

Adhesives compatible with recycling

The recyclability approvals delivered by RecyClass concerns the M-Resins™ technology, a pressure sensitive adhesive enabling resealable packaging, and Bostik SF10M, a solvent-free polyurethane laminating adhesive.  Test results confirmed both technologies to be suitable for recycling in a polyethylene (PE) film stream when used in the right conditions.

RecyClass, a cross-industry initiative

RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to establish a harmonized approach towards recycled content calculation and traceability in Europe. As communicated by Recyclass, the results obtained from the testing for approvals of Bostik’s products contribute to the constructive developments within the Design for Recycling and to improving recycling rates of the PE stream.

Bostik M-Resins for resealable packaging approved for PE recycling

Bostik’s reseal M-Resins are an innovative solution answering to consumer demands for convenience and providing sustainability by offering considerable material source reduction. M-Resins are used in the food packaging industry to produce resealable films and lids.

On December 8th Recyclass communicated that M-Resins™ reclosable technology is compatible and conforms to the current European PE film recycling stream. Specifics can be found in the approval letter (RecyClass Technology Approval Letter).

A natural important enrichment of our value proposition

Jean-François Le Cam, Market Manager Seal & Reseal EMEA says “M-Resins™ are not just a product, but a real technology. Today we are able to offer full peelable easy-open and reclosable solutions for food trays to packaging makers and brands that can be customized and adapted to their needs. For us, recyclability and fit to a circular economy is a key component of the solution performance.”

Significant step towards sustainable approach

Bostik’s values include not only the production of high-performing products, but also the creation of strong partnerships built on trust and further sustainable development of the industry. Having products approved by RecyClass means contributing to a value chain in which recyclability is as important as other performance criteria such as product safety and durability.

PU laminating adhesive “Bostik SF10M” conforms to the European PE film recycling stream

Recyclass has just announced on December 15th that the solvent-free laminating adhesive “Bostik SF10M” is fully compatible with PE flexibles recycling. Specifics can be found in the approval letter (RecyClass Technology Approval Letter).

Commitment to sustainability

Cyrille Billouard, Market Manager Lamination EMEA says “We know how important it is for our customers, packaging producers and brands to develop products and back their sustainability claims by scientific data. We have started offering solutions thoroughly tested and approved by highly recognized industry players under exhaustive testing protocols as the one from Recyclass. We achieved one important step for the future of Bostik laminating adhesive towards truly recyclable multi-layer packaging. The journey has just started at Bostik.”

An achievements of the R&D team

“We are proud of having obtained a fully compatibility approval for our laminating adhesive, proving that we are able to integrate the mechanical recyclability constraints in the formulation process. This is one achievement of our global Sustainable Laminating Program.”  completes Marc Defoin, Global R&D Director Laminating Adhesives.

About Bostik, an Arkema company

Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in construction, consumer and industrial markets. For more than a century, it has been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With €2 billion annual sales in 2018, the company employs more than 6,000 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. For the latest information, visit .

About Arkema

 A designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema shapes materials and creates new uses that accelerate customer performance. Our balanced business portfolio spans high-performance materials, industrial specialties and coating solutions. Our globally recognized brands are ranked among the leaders in the markets we serve. Reporting annual sales of €8.8 billion in 2018, we employ approximately 20,000 people worldwide and operate in close to 50 countries. We are committed to active engagement with all our stakeholders. Our research centres in North America, France and Asia concentrate on advances in bio-based products, new energies, water management, electronic solutions, lightweight materials and design, home efficiency and insulation.

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About RecyClass

RecyClass is a comprehensive cross-industry initiative that works to advance plastic packaging recyclability and to establish a harmonized approach towards recycled content calculation and its traceability in Europe. Activities within RecyClass include the development of Recyclability Evaluation Protocols and scientific testing of innovative materials which serve as the base for the Design for Recycling guidelines and the free online tool. RecyClass offers Recyclability Certifications and Recycled Content Traceability Certification for plastic packaging.

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