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Transformation and adaptability: How are adhesives evolving to meet the challenges of a more sustainable world. - interview of Vincent Legros on BFM Business

"With our expertise in materials assembly, our know-how in new adhesives and our research capabilities, we have decided to play a key role in a changing world. We are working daily with all our stakeholders on the evolution of our products, and also to support our customers in their transformation towards more sustainable products."


Vincent Legros, President and CEO of Bostik, was interviewed in the latest edition of BFM Business' Decryptage by Stéphane Pedrazzi, and shared insights in how are we adapting to create more sustainable solutions and contribute to the productivity of the industry.

"Investing in R&D, and having a sustainable approach help our products and our clients be more competitive. Why are adhesives developing so much?  Because it contributes to the productivity of the industry. When tomorrow we glue boats instead of assembling them or rifting them, it will be because it is more productive, so we are also helping our customers to reduce costs."

Watch the interview here to find out more about our sustainable development framework, R&D investment, and how are we enabling the creation of more sustainable solutions across industries.