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Prochimir and Fixatti are now part of Bostik, an Arkema company. Bostik is a global adhesive leader in the construction, consumer and industrial markets. By combining our chemistries with Prochimir, a technical film expert, and Fixatti, a high-performance powder adhesive expert, we are now in a unique position to stay on top of your evolving needs and create new pioneering thermo-bonding solutions at a global scale.

With four R&D centers around the globe and worldwide technical expertise, we can support you across markets and applications, ensuring you always have the right solution that fits your needs.

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While Prochimir and Fixatti are already part of Bostik, we are still in the process of combining our strongest assets together. Here’s what you need to know about what to expect from this collaboration:


  • You, our valued customer, are always in the center
  • Our unique identities as we continue to combine chemistries
  • Our high level of technical support and dedicated team members
  • Our high level of service and reliability


  • Extended product portfolio as a one-stop-shop global leader in bonding solutions
  • Reduced supply complexity with simplified testing processes and enhanced sourcing security
  • Increased commercial and technical support throughout the globe
  • Improved innovation through global R&D network and thought leadership

Ready to learn more about our combined chemistries and what it means to be a part of Bostik?

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What are the advantages of Fixatti and Prochimir joining Bostik?
  • Full customer service and worldwide technical network combining our expertise
  • One-stop-shop global leader in thermo-bonding solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio of pellets and converted hot melts (powders, webs and films)
Will these changes affect the ordering and shipping process?

All customers will be informed in due time of any changes.

  • For Prochimir:
    • Customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will experience no change in the ordering and shipping process. Place your order directly through Prochimir.
    • Customers in the Americas and Asia-Pacific can place direct billing orders to Bostik entities and will be informed of future changes with sufficient notice.
  • For Fixatti:
    • Customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific will experience no change in the ordering and shipping process. Place your order directly through Fixatti.
    • Starting April 2021, customers in the Americas will place direct ordering and shipping orders to Bostik, Inc.
    • Please be aware that Fixatti has not changed any of its bank accounts at this time. If you receive any change request by e-mail or call, please do not reply to the request. Instead, forward the email to, and contact your Customer Service Specialist via phone or video call to get our verbal and written confirmation as to whether or not the bank account change is genuine.
Who is my contact person?

You will be informed in due time of any changes to your contact person and a proper introduction will be scheduled. If you have any questions about our collaboration, you can contact any of our account managers or sales managers.

What happens to my contracts?

The contracts concluded with Fixatti or Prochimir remain unchanged until further notice. You will be contacted in due time of any contract and price offer changes.

Who should I contact for technical questions?

Please reach out to your current contact person with any questions; if needed, your contact may reach out to our larger technical team for assistance with your question, as our expanded portfolio and resources enable us to better serve you.

Will product continuity be ensured?

Product continuity will be ensured; no product will be discontinued without sufficient notification. While the Bostik, Prochimir and Fixatti portfolios remain the same, you now have access to broader, combined offer.

What can you expect from Bostik in the future?

While Prochimir and Fixatti are already part of Bostik, we are still in the process of combining our strongest assets together, developing our product offer and integrating with regional facilities to improve relations with regional customers.