Innovation is in our DNA

At Bostik, we’re on a constant quest to find new, smarter ways of doing things. Innovation is at the heart of our history and remains one of our biggest priorities today.

In 2016 alone, 3% of our total sales were invested in R&D, while 15% of sales came from new innovative products.

Adhesives research on a global scale

Our global research and development network enables us to consistently meet your current and future needs.

  • Three smart technology centers located in Asia, Europe and the Americas develop Bostik’s core adhesive technology platforms
  • 11 applied technology centers to meet regional needs and provide know-how in specific areas of technical expertise
  • 500 R&D specialists from Shanghai to Wauwatosa, collaborating to develop increasingly higher performance adhesives and sealants

Our innovations deliver benefits to our customers across countless applications. From advanced construction adhesives that are cost-efficient and adaptable to enable easy line reconfiguration or diaper redesigns, to smart adhesives that enable you to produce thinner products, all our smart technologies start with an investment in R&D. 

Materials science

Our innovation strategy is focused on materials science. Bostik research chemists and materials scientists constantly explore the boundaries of adhesive technologies, developing advanced materials for tomorrow’s adhesive solutions. 

Materials science offers key breakthroughs for our industry. It enables us to evolve from a world where we were forced to simply pick raw materials off the shelf or wait for supplier innovations. Today, we proactively define standards for new materials with specific properties for specific uses. In other words, we find the best materials for the best overall results for each customer and need.

Three levels of innovation

With our focus on centralized R&D and materials science, our innovation strategy can be broken down into three distinct levels.  These activities cover upstream, downstream and open innovation and combine to meet your most pressing challenges.

Adhesives research and technology development. Within our smart technology centers, and often in collaboration with expert partners, our research chemists and materials scientists explore the boundaries of our core technologies. Our specialists develop functional materials and adhesive bonding processes that are the base of our present and future innovations.

Product development and innovation. Drawing on our global technology know-how, our product development teams in each region develop a constant stream of new smart adhesives answering your specific market needs … wherever – and everywhere – your markets are.

Technical support. Our next-generation coaters, full-service testing and expert technical troubleshooting save you the downtime and hassle of testing on your own lines…while adding expertise you can rely on.  


Our teams also monitor the long-term forces that shape innovation. Megatrends in demographics, energy and technology have a far-reaching impact on all of us.


For Bostik, this means identifying the macro changes which influence our markets and innovating smart solutions to meet these pressing challenges. For example, as the aging population expands, so does the demand for better absorption, thinner cores, and more satisfying fit, comfort and discretion. From the ability to use the latest apertured top sheets to reducing odor, our ever-evolving suite of smart adhesive solutions gives you the flexibility to move quickly and successfully when the changing market requires it.

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