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  • Reel widthS :  48mm or 96mm
  • Reel length : 25m


  • Clean, quick and easy installation, blister free.
  • Easy future removal from subfloor (in coming months or years 
  • Immediate operability.
  • Immediate use of weld seal .
  • Castor wheels resistance.
  • Resistant to plasticiser migration.


Type of subfloors :

  • Concrete slabs
  • Cement screeds
  • Calcium sulphate screeds
  • Self-Levelling compounds
  • Chipboard, Plywood, OSB3
  • Metal or non porous substrates
  • Compatible with under-floor heating (low temperature)

Unroll and apply the tape on the peripheral subfloor room. The protective paper is left in position. Place and set the soft flooring strips; Lift up the strips and remove the protective paper from tapes. Then apply the soft floor covering in its definitive location. Rub down and cut along.

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