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  • Reel width:  740mm
  • Reel length : 25m
    • 1 roll 50 mm width and 25 m long.


  • Quick installation, clean and easy without any air bubbles trapped.
  • Later removal leaves no residue.
  • Trafficable during the jobsite.
  • Floor covering immediatly ready for pedestrian traffic and loading.
  • Castor wheels resistance.


Type of subfloors :

  • Concrete slabs
  • Cement screeds
  • Calcium sulphate screeds
  • Self-Levelling compounds
  • Chipboard, Plywood, OSB3
  • Metal or non porous substrates
  • Compatible with under-floor heating (low temperature)

Associated floor coverings :

  • Heterogeneous and homogeneous PVC on a roll
  • Expanded vinyl
  • Carpet with felt, foam, action  bac or jute backing and needle punch

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