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  • Color : white
  • Waiting time : 30min-2h
  • Open time : steady
  • Walk on time : steady
  • Coverage : 40-100g/m²


  • High performance, permanent grab
  • All types of removable tiles
  • All types of absorbent or non-absorbent subfloors


Associated floor coverings :

  • All types of removable carpet tiles with felt, bitumen, or inwoven fibre backing 
  • PVC tiles on soundproofing foam

Type of subfloors :

  • Raised wooden access floors
  • CTBX - CTBH - OSBR wood panels
  • Cement-based screeeds
  • Self-Levelling compounds
  • Metal and anhydrite floors

Apply the tackifier with a roller type anti-drop 12 mm :

  • Normally absorbent surfaces : 80-100g/m²
  • Wood surfaces : 60-80g/m²
  • Non-absorbent surfaces : 40-60g/m²

Respect a drying time of 30 to 45 minutes minimum on normally absorbent subfloors and 1.5h minimum on non-absorbent subfloors to obtain the permanent tackifying effect and to allow the subsequent removal of the carpet tiles.

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