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  • Color : ivory
  • Waiting time : 5-15min
  • Open time : 30-60min
  • Walk on time : 12h
  • Curing time : 24-48h
  • Coverage : 250-400g/m²


  • Ideal for LVT and rubber
  • Short drying time
  • High initial grab


Associated floor coverings :

  • LVT in strips and tiles
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC
  • PVC on old compact PVC
  • Shower concept PVC floor and wall
  • Rubber in sheets and tiles
  • Acoustic rubber and linoleum
  • Linoleum in strips and tiles
  • Semi-flexible tiles
  • All types of carpet
  • Needlepunched with or without backing
  • Natural fibres
  • Wall protective panels

Select the appropriate trowel size and application method for the floor covering and apply the adhesive evenly onto the subfloor.

  • Very thin floor covering : spatula A4 (200-250g/m²)
  • Covering with smooth backing : spatula A2 (250g-290g/m²)
  • Covering with textured backing : spatula B1 (300g-350g/m²)
  • Covering with high relief : spatula B2 (400g-450g/m²)

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