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Project overview

For the construction of new cleanrooms at Raith Nanofabrication in Best, Egalizer B.V. took action to
properly prepare the existing concrete floor. It was a challenging task due to the condition of the old floor.
We provided advice on the best approach for this project.

Sound advice based on the current situation

In the current situation, we are dealing with a concrete floor that has been blasted and partially planed. This floor is divided into sections (structural expansion joints). Floor sections that have been previously levelled do not have continuous expansion joints, resulting in cracks.
A portion of the floor consists of concrete with threaded rods that have not been sufficiently ground down and pipes that have not been removed deep enough.
Based on this situation, we provided advice.

Repairing the subfloor

The necessary preparations are made to facilitate levelling later on:
  • Vacuuming structural expansion joints
  • Further grinding down threaded rods
  • Removing pipes and chiselling around weak areas
  • Reopening sealed expansion joints
  • Checking previously levelled floor for loose parts
  • Repairing cracks in this levelling layer
  • Thoroughly sanding the floor

Repairing cracks Perfect result

Egalizer started the process of repairing the floor:
  • Ground down pipes were sealed with GRIP A500 MULTI universal primer and RENO C950 QUICK repair mortar.
  • Cracks in an old levelling layer were repaired using RENO P520 EASY repair resin and sprinkled with S409 quartz sand as an adhesion bridge.
  • Subsequently, the entire floor surface was primed with GRIP A500 MULTI and levelled with Bostik self-levelling compound SL C510 PRO.
The result is impressive: a perfectly smooth base that could be further finished by Cleanroom Systems International.


RENO P520 EASY is a two-component repair resin based on water glass for the non-positive sealing of screed cracks and joints.

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GRIP A500 MULTI is a water-based multi-purpose primer for new work and renovation. Designed to increase the adhesion of self levelling compounds and tile adhesives on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

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SL C510 PRO is a heavy-duty self-levelling compound for use on internal floors. Suitable for use in both new-build and renovation projects. Can be used in areas that are subject to high levels of foot traffic.

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