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Global leaders in cold seal technology

For more than 35 years, Bostik’s Turbo-Seal® and Nipweld® products have set the highest global standards for performance, quality, reliability and operational efficiencies.

Our cold seal coatings combine natural rubber latex with Bostik’s proprietary synthetic emulsions and polymers for high-performance sealing. We have formulations for mono-web and laminated applications with the flexibility to meet a variety of food packaging needs.

With a superb balance of adhesion and cohesion, Bostik Turbo-Seal® cold seal products deliver more dependable seal integrity and consistent sealability.

Smart benefits

Our smart cold seal products are designed to increase efficiency across all stages of operation, and are formulated for converting at higher speeds without streaking, ghosting or foaming. 

Visual indicators on the coatings allow pattern registration without the use of dyes or pigments. 

They also give the lower cling and smoother unwind release due to an enhanced anti-blocking system which allows for more consistent packaging performance and stronger seals. 

Better adhesion and cohesion strength results in fewer leaks with our cold seals compared to traditional heat-sealed packages. This provides reliable freshness with hermetically sealed packages with strong moisture resistance and a longer shelf-life.

Bostik Turbo-Seal® can be used in conjunction with high-speed horizontal form-and-fill packaging machines.

Cold seal flexible packaging

Food packaging materials

Bostik cold seals utilize rubber-based adhesives, and are perfect for food product applications that require consistent seal strengths on high-speed horizontal form-and-fill packaging machines. Applications can range from baked goods and frozen treats to confectionery items, which often use more varied size wraps or complex overwraps for multiple candy bars. 

Our cold seal products also contain coatings specifically designed for hermetically sealed packages, such as granola bars, cereal bars and coffee packaging. 

Medical packaging

We manufacture synthetic, water-based acrylic solutions for medical packaging that are non-allergenic and are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the medical packaging industry. Our cold seal coatings provide superior sealability and aging performance for several pharma packaging applications, including sterilizable and non-sterilizable overwraps for bandages and various other medical devices.

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