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Heat seal resins and coatings for food packaging materials

Bostik offers a wide range of solutions for heat sealing, both via extrusion and solvent-based application. Our products enable bonding to a variety of substrates including different plastic films, paper, aluminum foil and thermoformed plastic trays and cups. Applications are the most diversified: lids for yogurts (for polystyrene, polypropylene and PET cups), lidding film for food trays and bowls, blisters in pharma applications, soap wrapping among others.


Our Heat-Seal solutions include:
  • Fully formulated extrudable Vitel® polyester based heat seal resins for cast co-extruded BOPET films as well as for blown extruded films, for room temperature and dual-ovenable applications, with options for built-in anti-fog functionality.
  • Fully formulated polyester based heat seal lacquers and coatings, for room temperature and dual ovenable applications, also with options for built-in anti-fog functionality.
  • New fully formulated polyester based heat seal lacquers for condiment lidding.
  • Vitel® polyester resins as building block for the formulation of heat seal lacquers, primers and coatings.
  • Fully formulated hot melt EVA adhesives
  • Acrylic based heat seal lacquers or coatings

Smart innovations

Our polyester heat-seal resins fit co-extrusion BOPET lines providing a streamlined process to manufacture lidding stock that seals over mono-material APET and CPET trays. This is of growing importance today as food trays are required to be in mono-material PET (without the PE sealing layer) for recyclability purposes.

We also offer Vitel® heat seal polyesters for blown-film co-extrusion. It can be combined to M-Resins® pressure sensitive adhesive for a reclosable lid that seals onto mono-material APET tray.

Our low viscosity EVA-based solutions are suitable for coating with rollers and for use on paper and food applications. Our high viscosity alternatives are made for extrusion, capable of being applied to both food and industrial applications and bonding to paper and board materials.  

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