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On a global scale, there are several crises currently in progress, which are a challenge for everyone. At Bostik we are fully aware of these challenges, which is why sustainable development is the central pillar of our strategy. For us, sustainability is not only about preserving the environment, it is also about building a sustainable and balanced economic and industrial model at all levels, particularly in our building methods, in the management of resources and energy, in our manufacturing process and in the organization of our supply chain.

It is our responsibility as an industrial company to act and to implement concrete projects in order to pass on a preserved world to future generations. This is why one of our main commitments is to deliver sustainable solutions motivated by innovation.

SO SMART to show our innovation, new products and services we have developed for our customers.

In our magazine we present some of our So Smart solutions for the construction industry. These include our One Flooring Range, a global and unique concept, which is now available worldwide. We are happy to be back in the field during various events and tradeshows to promote our new range and get in touch with our customers. We would also like to introduce our Flooring Solutions by Market Segment, a guide with a new Bostik approach for all players in the flooring industry. Last but not least we present the STIX A600 EVOLUTION. A new generation of soft floor adhesives, designed for performance and ease of use on the jobsite. Search for our So Smart logo in the magazine and it will lead you straight to our So Smart content.

SUSTAINABILITY to explain our strategy and the concrete projects we are conducting towards a more sustainable future.

We use a framework developed by our parent company Arkema, which is anchored in the UN Development Goals, we systematically evaluate our flooring solutions so that a growing proportion contributes to green building, the circular economy and the health and safety of people. In our magazine we've highlighted some other ways in which we're improving on the subject of sustainability. For example we've created a new range of recycled packaging for our products, made from at least 50% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled).

INSPIRATION to publish case studies and outstanding building projects Bostik has achieved worldwide.

With these case studies we would like to highlight all our construction projects and the difference our products have made. In our magazine you can find the case study of one of our biggest projects: the new floor in the Belgrade airport, brought to realization by our Bostik Croatia team in Serbia. The project includes a floor that's over 36.000m². Hit the yellow icon in our magazine to read and see the new signature floor! You can also find an overview of the products they used. 

STORY to share experiences, news and stories through people’s testimonies.

Our Bostik products are used worldwide in a broad variety of buildings. They help realize projects and along with those stories. Bostik is not the only one to do so; our partners do as well. In this issue you can find the story from Ideal Work. A flooring expert specialized in high-end decorative technologies. We would also like to introduce the Bostik Academy, a knowledge center for everyone in the construction and building industry. With the bright orange story icon, you'll be brought directly to the stories. Just click on it in our magazine!

INSTALLATION to present our smart flooring solutions and transfer our technical skills and knowledge.

In our magazine we feature some of our technical cases which include: the 7h installation process; Fibre Self-leveling compound, the perfect solutions for renovations; HYTEC solutions, damp proof membrane systems to suppress residual moisture and block rising damp. At the end of the magazine you will also find a wide range of products within the Bostik One Flooring Range to answer the most demanding technical case you can encounter in flooring projects.

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