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  • Color : beige-white
  • Waiting time : 5min
  • Open time : 15-20min
  • Walk on time : 24h
  • Curing time : After 24h
  • Coverage : 320-650g/m²


  • Good initial adhesion
  • Multi-purpose
  • Economic


Associated floor coverings :

  • PVC coverings in sheets and tiles
  • LVT design covering in planks and tiles
  • Cushioned vinyl coverings
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber coverings with smooth surfaced
  • Carpets with different backing
  • Coconut and sisal coverings

Evenly applied to the substrate with a serrated trowel with suitable TKB serration (spatula A2 : 320g/m² - spatula B1 : 380g/m² - spatula B2 : 650g/m²). Depending on the floor covering, a short flash-off time may be necessary. Place the floor covering in the adhesive bed and rub in thoroughly.

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