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Every year Bostik receives questions and comments from the market about the correct use of PU (Polyurethane) Foam.
Certain applications do not result in the desired end result, often caused by incorrect use of the product.
But imagine that you just use the PU Foam correctly, but….. under the wrong conditions?
During this practical webinar we will discuss this basic knowledge, which is indispensable for a good end result when using PU Foam.
At the end of the practical session, the mandatory PU Training Platform for the Safe Use of Diisocyanates will also be briefly discussed.
After this webinar you will be able to apply and handle PU Foam without any problems by applying the indicated tips.

Our speakers for this event

Michael Dekker

Global Sealing and Bonding Training & Commercial Support Manager

He has more than 25 years of experience as a commercial and technical point of contact for all kinds of market parties within the construction industry.

Lucien Ligtvoet

Global Sealing and Bonding Training & Commercial Support Manager

With more than 30 years of practical experience as an application specialist, there is no construction or application that Lucien has not yet seen or finished with one of our high-quality Bostik products.