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Bostik operates as a responsible manufacturer and resolutely observes a policy of continuous progress and operational excellence. As an Arkema company we support the United Nations Global Compact and complying with the Responsible Care® initiative. Bostik’s mission as a manufacturer, more than ever is to operate by putting its material science and innovation expertise at the service of a transition towards a more sustainable world. Taking a 3 pillar approach to this transition, Bostik’s corporate responsibility strategy is to 1) design sustainable solutions that address the major societal challenges, 2) operate as a responsible manufacturer to ensure the safety & health of people and processes whilst committing to reduce our environmental footprint; and 3)  implement a policy of continuous progress and operational excellence through an interaction and close relationship with stakeholders through an open and constructive dialogue.

With a broad and global customer portfolio, Bostik recognises that companies’ knowledge and understanding of corporate social responsibility and how to become more sustainable is varied. Some are implementing their own industry and market leading strategies; others are much earlier in the process of building an understanding of the topic, the challenges for the industry and themselves, and finally creating and implementing action plans. As a socially responsible organisation, the approach that Bostik’s disposable hygiene adhesive division has taken is to offer a holistic approach to the topic and provide solutions, knowledge and expertise in support of and in conjunction with its stakeholders. Bostik’s Responsibly for Hygiene commitment to this cause was launched in July 2021.

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Through our ‘Responsibly for Hygiene’ programme of webinars, podcasts, content, and product launches, we aim to help producers at all levels stay in the know, expand CSR and sustainability knowledge, and make decisions supported by a holistic approach to the topic.

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