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Adhesive technologies across all regions with a single, smart identity

To make many of your favourite products more recognizably Bostik, we‘ve undertaken a process of simplifying and globalizing our brand.

Today, you’ll see the Bostik Gecko and our smart product packaging online and in your local retailers – you might have even seen it during the Tour de France or at your local airport. 

But our brand is more than just a new visual identity. It is also about defining and emphasizing who we are. It affects our culture, strategy and our daily work.

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The Gecko

For centuries, scientists have been intrigued by the gecko, a creature that has evolved one of the most effective adhesives known to man. They can cling to almost any surface, run up polished glass at a meter per second and easily support their entire body weight with only a single toe.

As a central element of our new image, the gecko represents an inspiring example of adhesive innovation from the natural world.

The new Bostik brand is something that sticks and is inspiring, meaningful and different. The gecko stands for smartness, efficiency and adaptability, representing our ability to meet market challenges and to create new possibilities in future adhesives. 

Why a gecko?

Smart adhesives

The recent change to our image also reflects our commitment to providing you with adhesives that do more than just stick things together.

Learn more about the innovative smart adhesives systems and solutions we’ve developed across our core technology platforms.

We are a technology leader that has been developing innovative adhesive solutions for more than a century and we will now expose those innovations to new markets and end users so that the Bostik name is synonymous with smart adhesives everywhere

Phil Derby, Chief Marketing Officer

Bostik brands

As well as hundreds of Bostik-branded adhesives and sealants, we are also well known for many local market and international products.

Recognizable brands such as Evo-Stik, Sader, MEM, Sader and Quelyd, all fall under the Bostik umbrella, and we’re proud of the leading position many of these products have in their markets.

Discover more about our range of household and professional products.

Our Other Brands

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