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  • Color : light grey
  • Working time : 20min
  • Walk on time : 2h
  • Coverage : 1,5 kg/mm/m²
  • Curing time :
    • Tiling : 24h
    • PVC, linoleum, rubber : 48-72h
    • Wood floor : 48-72h


  • Reinforced hardness
  • Thin application
  • Less dust when sanding


Measure 6 liters of clean, cold water into a clean mixing bucket. Gradually add the bag of Bostik SL C340 LEVEL PLUS to the water, whilst continually mixing with an electric drill and mixing paddle until a smooth lump-free mixture is obtained. This will normally be achieved after 2 minutes.  The mixture will retain its self-smoothing capability for approximately 20 minutes under normal conditions. Pour the mixed material onto the prepared substrate to a thickness between 1mm and 10mm. Using a smooth edge stainless steel trowel, smooth over the wet product to gain the desired thickness and smoothness. A pin level may be used to assist in gaining the required depth. Use a spiked roller to remove any trapped air and flow lines, to give a uniform surface appearance.

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