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Reseal™ technology: a new formula for food packaging

A growing market

The packaging market has been growing steadily over the past years, driven by changing consumer preferences for packaging that can meet all of their needs, especially in terms of ease of use and food preservation. Convenience of use has become the key to a product's success, and resealability a major issue.

A process that meets a consumer need

Historically, there are only two types of packaging to package and preserve fresh products such as cheese or sliced meat: without a resealable system, they lead to fast food spoilage and ultimately, food waste. The second type was packaging that could be resealed, but used a lot of material, generally plastic, and which shapes were usually not compatible with easy storage.

Pushing the limits

"We wish to challenge what is impossible today by making it possible tomorrow."

Reseal™: ambresin, an adhesive with many benefits

Better for the environment

In order to face this challenge, to reseal a package corresponding to standard packaging formats, that Bostik's R&D teams have designed the Reseal™ solution.

With Reseal, resealable packaging keeps products fresher longer, extending their shelf life and reducing food waste, while offering the same ease of storage as other types of packaging do: an innovation with no downside to it, which accounts for its success for customers!

Simplified integration into production processes

One of the keys to Reseal™ technology’s success is that it places no additional constraint on the production process. It can simply be deployed on manufacturers' existing production lines, without generating process changes or additional costs - a true turnkey solution.

A multi-layer structure

From a practical perspective, in the Reseal™ solution, a food packaging is composed of a rigid, printable top layer, a bottom layer to keep the package airtight, and an intermediate layers that help seal the package and protect the food. This is where our technology is located that helps the adhesive to be reused, making the container resealable.

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