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A new label that meets new needs

The wash-off innovation was born from the need of industry, especially brewers, to offer consumers fully transparent glass bottles – including the label. However, most clear labels have a tendency to leave a residue when they are removed, which makes it harder to recycle the bottle.

The removable label: a full performance

Wash-off: improving beer bottle labels

To address this problem, the innovation teams designed the wash-off process, which combines an innovative adhesive formulation with a shrink label. Once the bottle is immersed in an aqueous mixture known as "hot-bath", the label shrinks, leaving no residue on the bottle, thus enabling easy recycling.

A multi-disciplinary team

"We work as a cross-functional team, including representatives of all fields: purchasing, business, regulatory team, who help us to anticipate the needs of tomorrow."

A state-of-the-art debonding process

The benefits of this technology are threefold: the peeling process is fast (less than 20 seconds), the adhesive remains stuck to the label, leaving the "bath" water intact and permitting its reuse - as well as the bottle, which can also be integrate into a cleaning and recycling cycle.

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